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Creating sustainable products

Virtually emission-free flight—to make this vision a reality, we are working on the development of various propulsion concepts. Our aim is to enable passengers to fly safely and with a clear conscience in the future. We pursue a definitive technology roadmap to develop innovative solutions for the next few decades—in line with the Paris Agreement.

Product quality and flight safety

Flying safely is our top priority

Climate impact of aircraft engines

Emissions-free flight is our major goal

Health impact of aircraft engines

Reducing aircraft noise and exhaust gases

Research and development

Making sustainable innovations reality
emissions from air travel

This is the vision that drives us. We want to achieve zero-emission aviation in the future and thus help achieve the target set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

65 %
less aircraft noise

This is how much we want to reduce aircraft noise by 2050 with the help of our Clean Air Engine agenda.

We support the following Sustainable Development Goals in the area of product stewardship:

Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action
Partnership for the goals

Our video series “Let’s talk about sustainability@MTU” with our fuel-cell expert

Our video series “Let’s talk about sustainability@MTU” with our expert on hydrogen lines in aircraft

Services and tools

Product stewardship

Human rights
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Product quality and flight safety