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Employees and society

Employees and society

Diversity & equal opportunity

Diversity makes us more successful. Collaboration between different cultures, generations and genders ensures a multitude of skills, perspectives and experiences, which makes us more flexible and innovative. This is why we constantly promote diversity & equal opportunity within MTU.


We consider a diverse workforce to be a real asset. Young employees with high potential, such as MTU Aero Engines North America employees who have completed the Engineering Rotation Program to join the company, work together with seasoned MTU experts. In addition to generational diversity, we also place great emphasis on having an intercultural workforce and gender equality.

MTU is actively committed to equal opportunity and equal treatment of all employees and takes a clear stand against discrimination in the workplace. We have laid down these principles in our globally applicable Code of Conduct. We want to assign employees to positions in accordance with their skills, abilities and performance. Everyone has the same opportunities regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Promoting diversity is a key component of the corporate culture and business success that is enshrined in the MTU Principles. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce bolsters our innovative capabilities and competitiveness. → Code of Conduct

To ensure diversity & equal opportunity within the company as well as to prevent discrimination, MTU embraces a corporate culture based on respect and appreciation that promotes fair and cooperative conduct. We have processes in place that allow breaches of the Code of Conduct or of internal guidelines to be reported. → These are laid out in detail in the chapter on human rights  

MTU commits to diversity & equal opportunity in the following external initiatives:


Our contribution to the SDGs

Our commitment to diversity is an aspect of our responsibility to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This commitment will help achieve SDG 5 on “Gender equality”—one of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Gender equality

→ Learn more about our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


We are committed to equality of leadership

Constantly promoting a diverse and international workforce is one of our overarching corporate objectives. We attach particular importance in this context to gender diversity in order to make better use of all our potential in the face of demographic change and better position the company for the future. MTU views fostering female talent and equality of leadership as its greatest innovation potential. One important goal for us is to increase the proportion of women in management positions—we aim to achieve 13% by 2022 for all management levels except the Executive Board level in Germany. We are pursuing a separate goal for the Executive Board: by 2022 the number of female members is to reach 25%. The Supervisory Board already has two female members each from the employee and shareholder sides.

The Executive Board is kept regularly informed about the fostering of female talent and the measures that have been initiated. In addition, it presents a report on equality at the works meeting at German locations once a year. In Germany, the works council is also involved in decisions subject to co-determination, such as flexible working time rules. The principal focus of our initiatives in 2018 was once again to secure more female talent for the company and offer female employees greater support throughout their careers. We operate these measures locally.

MTU participates in mentoring programs and initiatives to promote more women in leadership positions and intensified its commitment to these efforts during the period under review:

Proportion of women GRI 405-1













measured as a proportion of the active workforce (employees with permanent or fixed-term contracts, temporary part-time employees on parental leave, excluding students, interns, trainees/apprentices, short-term holiday workers, temporary agency workers and employees from external companies) and recorded at the end of each year; we do not have figures on the proportion of women by employee group.

The proportion of women in management positions and in the workforce has risen slightly in 2018 compared to the previous year and shows a stable to slightly increasing trend in the three-year perspective (2016–2018). → An analysis of this can be found in the non-financial statement in the 2018 Annual Report, p. 99.

We aim to take diversity aspects into account when filling new positions and selecting employees within MTU. In particular, we were able to increase the proportion of women in the Development Center, a personal development program for employees with high potential, from 11.9% in the previous year to 20%.

In addition, we achieved a good result in the Women’s Career Index (FKI), an external tool for evaluating career opportunities for women in business enterprises, which evaluates us annually. In the most recent rating, (2018), MTU’s sixth place put it among the best companies in Germany. The benchmark also provides us with suggestions for new initiatives or measures.

Programs and initiatives (internal and external)

We also support gender equality by promoting initiatives to improve employees’ work-life balance, including flexible working hours, services to assist families and mobile working opportunities. → There is more information on this under “MTU as an employer.” Development of a women’s network at the Munich site began in 2018.


Generational diversity

We believe in good relations between young and old, and we take age diversity into consideration in our company. An aging workforce in Germany also presents us with new health challenges. In addition, the length of time people spend working from career entry to retirement is growing. In an effort to secure the long-term performance of our employees, we operate a company health management systemt (→ Occupational health and safety).Employees in every age group receive equal access to training and development. We offer a range of measures geared toward younger generations: Apprenticeships, trainee programs and development programs for high-potential employees (→ Employee development).

Age groups GRI 405-1





< 30 years




30 – 50 years




> 50 years




measured as a proportion of the active workforce (employees with permanent or fixed-term contracts, temporary part-time employees on parental leave, excluding students, interns, trainees/apprentices, short-term holiday workers, temporary agency workers and employees from external companies) and recorded at the end of each year.

We were able to further promote age diversity in 2018 and achieved a greater age mix. The proportion of under-30s rose from 14.9% (2017) to 16.9%. For us, it is each individual’s employability that counts. It is important to us to integrate employees with disabilities. In 2018, employees with disabilities made up 5.4% (2017: 5.7%) of the workforce in Germany, where statutory requirements apply. This means we meet the prescribed quota.


Cultural diversity

As a globally active company, we consider internationalization to be a key indicator of diversity. Our engine business has a global outlook, and having an intercultural workforce helps us to be successful in different markets. As a long-established player in the industry, we have strong roots in Germany, but our character draws on a variety of cultural backgrounds. MTU has employees from 60 countries working together. In line with our corporate objective, we are taking various steps to enhance the international nature of our business (International Leadership Program, International Building on Talent). → Find out more about our training programs



MTU is diverse: we have employees from 60 countries successfully working together and contributing their own individual cultural background.



MTU Maintenane Canada joined the Women in Leadership Foundation (WIL) Founded in 2001, the organization is strongly committed to having women throughout Canada in leadership positions. MTU Maintenance Canada plans to send four employees on WIL’s renowned five-month Accelerated Leadership Program. In addition, the human resources department is actively exchanging ideas with local politicians on how technical professions can be made more attractive for young female graduates in order to have more women fill positions in technical fields.


More information about:
Charter of Diversity
UN Global Compact
Munich Memorandum for Women in Management
Cross-Mentoring Munich (a program organized by the City of Munich)
Women in Leadership Foundation
The MTU “Studienstiftung” foundation for female students in scientific and technical fields

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