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Sustainable governance

Sustainable governance

Stakeholder dialog

We stay in touch with the company’s key stakeholder groups. This dialog allows us to keep them abreast of our concepts and progress and to increase their confidence and trust in us. It also helps us address changes and challenges in due course and thus to refine our sustainability strategy.


We are in regular contact with our stakeholder groups on sustainability topics, which enables us to deal with stakeholder concerns.

We strive to conduct a proactive and mutually supportive dialog with stakeholders in which we communicate about sustainability topics openly and transparently. We pursue this dialog regularly, with the actual frequency determined by the need for communication and/or information. Our aim is to achieve wide acceptance for our business activities among the general public. This dialog gives us the opportunity to respond to suggestions, expectations and feedback and act on new topics and challenges in a timely manner. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations that have a regular relationship with MTU. Our key stakeholders are employees, customers, business partners, suppliers and shareholders. We are also in dialog with scientists, researchers, analysts, journalists, politicians, associations, NGOs, employee representatives, neighbors and communities.

Communication with our stakeholders takes place over various channels and platforms so we can incorporate their interests and feedback. This dialog is mostly tailored to the target group or a specific topic. We use an online survey to invite all stakeholders to discuss our sustainability strategy. In addition, we conducted telephone interviews with representatives of key stakeholder groups in 2018 to gain more detailed feedback. Our objective was to validate our sustainability strategy and its key topics as well as to possibly uncover new topics. With the revised online survey, we can review our strategy on a broader basis. As a result, our sustainability focuses were validated in 2018, and we adjusted the positioning of just a few individual topics in the materiality analysis → Key topics. With the importance of sustainability increasing all around the globe, we are also working more and more closely with business partners and customers on CR.

Stakeholder dialog



Forms of dialog


Health and safety

Internal media

Career and advanced training opportunities

Employee surveys

Compensation and benefits

HR services

Work-life balance

Dialog and information events

Diversity and equality of opportunity

Company suggestion scheme


Business partners and customers

Product quality and safety

Voice of the customer

Sustainable technologies

Trade fairs

Product fuel efficiency

Corporate communications media channels

Human rights



Product quality and safety

Supplier Collaboration Center

Environmental protection


Responsible sourcing

Supplier surveys

Compliance with MTU standards

Supplier Days

Capital market

Product innovation/eco-efficiency

Annual General Meeting

Responsible corporate governance

Conferences and roadshows

Human rights

Investor discussions


Trade fairs

Environmental protection


Risk management

Financial communications

Supplier management

Science and research

Developing new technologies

Joint research projects

Promoting research and teaching

Work in MTU centers of excellence

Networking between industry and research

Trade fairs

Study of engineering and scientific disciplines

Visits from university student groups


Presentations/discussions at universities


Innovation and technologies

Press releases

Aviation sector/eco-efficiency

Press conferences and briefings

MTU as an employer

Plant tours

Financial issues

Internet/Social Media

Site development

Trade fairs



Social commitment

Museum open house days

Environmental protection

Community partnerships

MTU as an employer

Internet/Social media

Site development

Plant tours


Politics, public agencies

Developing and promoting technology

Parliamentary evening

Environmental protection, eco-efficiency

Plant visits

Political frameworks and regulations

Trade fairs

Mobility concepts

Political discussions

Site development

Background talks

Demographic change

Visits by political delegations



Associations and organizations


Meetings and committees

Promoting innovation and technology

Participation in forums and events

Economic and labor policies


Political dialog

MTU takes no party political position as a matter of principle. The company purposely cultivates relationships with parties and factions on certain topics, as aviation is affected to no small degree by political decision-making, especially at the national and European levels. Key points of contact for the company include elected representatives and decision-makers from ministries at the state, federal and EU levels as well as from subordinate authorities and the German Armed Forces. To ensure transparency and adherence to external and internal regulations, MTU manages its political dialog centrally through the Group Representation Office of the Corporate Communications department. Topics of discussion with political decision-makers include innovation, technology development and funding, environmental protection and noise reduction, the relevance of air traffic to society, site development, economic and labor market policy, and export of goods. MTU pursues its industry-specific interests through memberships in various professional associations. → Overview of our memberships 

MTU does not make any financial or in-kind donations to political parties. All interactions in the political arena are carried out in compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and with MTU’s Code of Conduct, and must be granted central approval. Mandatory requirements are stipulated in the MTU compliance management system and Code of Conduct, including those relating to donations, sponsorship, customer events, in-house events, hospitality and corporate gifts. Compliance with these rules and regulations is the responsibility of the relevant manager in each case and is ensured by means of an internal monitoring system. → More on donations & sponsorship

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