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2019 Sustainability Report

Our reporting concept

About this report

Each year, MTU Aero Engines AG compiles a sustainability report to comprehensively inform its stakeholders about corporate responsibility (CR) of an economic, environmental or social nature within the company. The report provides information about the company’s CR strategy, objectives and performance and also describes the priorities and progress made in 2019, building on the previous report. It supplements the non-financial statement in our Annual Report.

Reporting period and cycle

The reporting period covers financial year 2019 (January 1 to December 31). To better organize how information is presented and provide explanatory context for readers, activities from outside the reporting period are also cited in some cases. The report is published annually in German and English and will be available as an online report at → sustainability.mtu.de in June 2020. It is possible to obtain a → PDF download of the report. 

Scope of validity

The report covers all of the MTU Group sites that are treated as fully consolidated in the company’s financial reporting. The information and key performance indicators refer to the specified Group reporting entity, unless otherwise indicated.

Reporting standard and topics

The 2019 Sustainability Report was drawn up in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and meets the GRI standards (“Core” option). In accordance with these globally recognized sustainability reporting guidelines, we report on all required standard disclosures as well as on our management approaches for key topics and on selected indicators for each topic. We provide a GRI index for cross-referencing the report’s contents with the GRI standards. Tables and graphics with statements relevant to GRI have been appropriately marked. The relevant GRI standards are listed at the end of each page.

A materiality matrix presents the sustainability topics that are significant for the MTU Group and shows how they are weighted from an internal (X-axis) and external (Y-axis) perspective. It is regularly checked and updated, and serves as the basis for selecting the key topics and performance indicators for this report.
→ Material topics

UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals

The 2019 Sustainability Report also provides information on progress made in accordance with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. Cross-references to those principles can be found in the GRI index. The relevant principles are also listed at the end of each page. As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, we support the Sustainable Development Goals and want to help achieve them by 2030. We present our contribution to the SDGs under → Sustainable Development Goals.

Key figures and collection methods

All data and information for the reporting period was collected by the relevant departments using representative methods. Environmental KPIs are collected via the environmental management systems at the individual sites and then consolidated centrally in the CR database according to agreed criteria. The HR KPIs are collected and evaluated centrally at the headquarters in Munich for Germany, and locally for all non-German sites. Once the data is evaluated, it is sent to the CR database. All other data is requested from the CR coordinators in the relevant departments and compiled centrally in the CR database. Financial KPIs are collected and published in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Supplementary information and previous reports

MTU regularly informs its stakeholders about sustainability issues. You can find supplementary information, more detailed analyses and older publications online:
→ Corporate responsibility at MTU
→ Compliance at MTU
→ MTU annual reports 

In addition, we regularly report on important and/or current sustainability topics in central MTU publications and through various communication channels.
→ News and media

External validation of the report

The CR reporting for this sustainability report was not subject to external auditing or validation. The majority of corporate processes that underlie data collection for CR reporting are certified. We have already reported selected key figures for topics of very high importance in our non-financial statement. These have been verified by auditors as part of a limited assurance.


Please address questions about the report to corporateresponsibility@mtu.de

Forward-looking statements

This report contains forward-looking statements. These statements reflect the current understanding, expectations and assumptions of MTU Aero Engines and are based on the information available to management at the present time. Forward-looking statements provide no guarantee that certain results and developments will actually occur in the future, and they entail risk and uncertainty. Consequently, for a variety of reasons, the actual future results of MTU Aero Engines may deviate substantially from the expectations and assumptions expressed here. MTU Aero Engines assumes no obligation to update the statements contained in this communication.

This document has been formulated in gender-neutral terms.

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