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KPIs according to the GRI

Our perfomance and goals for sustainable development

Focus on climate action I

6 m metric tons

is how much CO2 the geared turbofan engine family has already saved in over 11 million flight hours.

MTU Green Europe


less CO2 by 2030 with the ecoRoadmap

Focus on climate action II

31.4 %

We were able to reduce the carbon footprint of our production sites by almost one-third in 2021.


million euros invested in employee training

* The accident statistics relate to the total workforce, including temporary agency workers, from 2020 onward.
Exception: The recording of category 3 accidents for temporary agency workers began in 2021. Accidents while commuting are not included.

** At the Munich site, a small proportion of the well water and some of the rainwater collected from the roofs is discharged as surface water via the Schwabenbächle stream. Rainwater is discharged into the municipal sewer system only in the event of heavy rainfall. As a result, the sum of the volume discharged into groundwater and surface water may not correspond to the volume withdrawn.

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